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Public Play Closed through May 2020

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At CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Lake Geneva we offer a new evolution of laser tag featuring high tech realistic simulated weapons and objective based gameplay. We don’t have plastic phasers or silly glow in the dark arenas. You’ll play with metal rifles on the largest dedicated outdoor laser tag battlefield in the world. Our game is much closer to a modern day video game like “Call of Duty” than the traditional laser tag that might come to mind. We say it’s “tactical,” but even that doesn’t do the excitement and adrenaline justice. You’ll have to come in and try it out to really experience the thrill.  In addition to walk-in play during the warmer seasons, we specialize in birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate team building, youth group events, and can handle groups large and small. Private events can be scheduled all year.

Laser Tag Armory
Laser Tag Missions
Outdoor Laser Tag Battlefield
  • Paintball is SO last decade — THIS is the sport you’re looking for.

  • I can not think of a better way that we could have spent our Day!

  • I felt like I was living in a video game.

  • The best place on earth to legally kill your friends.

  • Prepare to have tons of fun but mostly prepare to be really sore the next day.

  • It’s like paintball without the pain.

  • This is the best laser tag in the country.

  • Highly recommend if you’re looking for something to do with a group a friends.

  • The best part is definitely the guns, they’re basically replicas of real assault rifles and they have dot scopes!

  • Requires group strategizing which makes even more fun.

  • Oh my Lord this is not the laser tag I played years ago!!!

  • It’s great to be able to run a bit, it’s nice and spacious, and you DEFINITELY need to have a strategy!

Walk-in Play

Walk-in Play Laser Tag

Play time is broken up into specific hour and a half time slots called sessions. Think of it like a movie play-time, but instead of just watching, you get to be the action hero. Each session gets you about 5-8 of our signature mission-based games. When you come in during our normal operating hours, you will be playing in what is called an Open-Play session, along with any other walk-ins. This means you can come in by yourself, with a friend or two, or with a massive group and still get an action-packed gameplay experience!

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Birthday Parties

Outdoor Laser Tag Birthdays

Looking for an absolutely EPIC birthday party idea that’ll get your child and their friends active and having fun outdoors? Look no further than CMP Tactical Lazer Tag. As one review put it, “it’s every 12 year old’s dream.” Your son or daughter will get to strap on their own laser rifle and accomplish missions with their friends. They’ll defuse bombs, rescue, and even plan a bank heist all on the largest dedicated outdoor laser tag battlefield in the world. It’s like their favorite video games come to life! We have three different party packages depending on your needs, and we can schedule events on or off hours.

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Team Building

Team Building with Laser Tag

Our signature gameplay requires teamwork and communication you won’t find anywhere else. Your team will have to capture zones, communicate enemy positions, and think on the fly to defuse bombs. They’ll need to plan an attack and then execute it in real time—together. Tactical laser tag is a corporate team building event that will both refine needed communication and send them back with smiles and some war-stories. Hundreds of midwest businesses, including Rockwell Automation, Kohl’s, and GE Healthcare, have planned their events with CMP. They know that nothing builds a team like the battlefield!

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