Mercy Health Team Building - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Lake Geneva Wisconsin
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Posted September 25, 2017

Mercy Health endured the heat this weekend and challenged each other out on the battlefield. They called CMP wanting a fun, competitive event for four teams on their weekend outing. We drew up a Squad Competition, and they came to find out who would prevail. During this competition each team had to play with each other team and against each other team, so they needed to learn to strategize and work with everyone, including their enemies! It’s a unique format, but we think it works so well at bringing out a great competitive atmosphere during these team building events.

In the end, four different squads entered The Wasteland and one prevailed as the overall winner but everyone had a team building event they won’t soon forget. We know nothing builds a team like the battlefield.

CMP Lake Geneva may be closed for public open play sessions after October 1, but we’re open for private events like team building, bachelor(ette) parties, youth group outings, and birthdays all year long. If you want some outdoor action, then we’re your destination. The snow won’t even stop us! We can work with whatever event you’re planning and make the perfect team building competition for you. Talk to us today and let’s get started!

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