The Wasteland - Outdoor Laser Tag Battlefield in Lake Geneva - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Lake Geneva Wisconsin


Public Play Closed through May 2020

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The harsh environment of The Wasteland awaits you at our outdoor location in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This is the largest dedicated outdoor laser tag battlefield in the world. Countless buildings made of railroad ties and stacks of lumber dot the open landscape. Overgrowth makes it hard to spot your enemies, and caution is a virtue out here. Take one wrong step, and you could get wasted.

Look before you get out into the open. Hide behind piles of lumber, dirt mounds, and industrial tubes. A keen eye could save your life, because enemies could be absolutely anywhere and everywhere. Natural cover is one of the signature features of this field. It’s surrounded on three sides by trees, thick brush, and other objects. Pick off your enemies where they least expect it.

Too afraid to venture out into no man’s land? Hang back in one of the many bunkers and pick people off as they come to you or gather your forces and storm the bridge, a strategic point you’ll need to hold in order to control the field. Even a single sniper can wreak havoc across the whole battlefield.

It’s not all range out there. The sheer size and versatility of this field caters to many play styles. Battles rage through the corridors between buildings. Just when your enemy thinks they’ve left the harsh, open wilderness you can show them that they haven’t found refuge quite yet.

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